There Be No Road Between: Salem City Council, 1692

The year is 1692, and the Massachusetts Bay colony is one of the most influential and prosperous of the Americas. However, in Salem, a variety of political, economic, and religious strife threatens its development. When hard times fall on the villagers, it is up to the committee to bring the town to new heights!


The Things I Do For Love: Westeros, 298 AC

The past decade in Westeros has seen the realm descend into civil war, the passing of two Kings, and more importantly for this committee, the coronation of a new King. King Joffrey of House Baratheon, first of his name, has inherited a realm in chaos. Delegates, be warned: King Joffrey is infamous for his short temper!


El Grito de Jayuya: Puerto Rico, 1950

Desafiado con la necesidad de remediar su sistema política, será Puerto Rico el estado número 51 de unión? O caerán la gente puertorriqueña entre las manos del colonialismo que Latinoamérica ya conoce bien. Los delegados de este comité tendrán la oportunidad de debatir la importancia de la cultura en la política y si el sueño americano de libertad es el mismo sueño que suenan todos.


All the Ayatollah’s Men: Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, 2020

"Prepare against them whatever you are able of power." That is the saying that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps lives by. And in 2020, these words cannot hold stronger meaning.

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When Winning Isn't Enough: Real Madrid, 2020

The year is 2020 and after a shaky ending to the 2019 season, Real Madrid seeks to become what it was just years before: the world's most prestigious club. However, this will not be an easy task. Real Madrid's executive department is fed up with the club’s recent decline which, in turn, has driven many of their best players to ask for a transfer and caused ticket sales to plunge. The question is: can this committee save “Los Merengues” or will they forever remain Barça’s little brother?


JCC Hong Kong: The Death of Autonomy, 2050

We here in the One Country Rebel Assembly believe in one thing, freedom for Hong Kong. Autonomy is no exception, we will not stop until we rise up from the ashes of Chinese control as an entirely sovereign Hong Kong. As a collection of men and women from all walks of life, this eclectic group is an unlikely victor against the most successful country in the world.


An Empire on the Brink: British Cabinet, 1914-1918

On the eve of August 3, 1914, British Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Gray confided in a friend, "the lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime.” Facing possible rebellions both at home and in the colonies, the British Cabinet must call on all of its resources, foreign and domestic, to win not only the war in France, but the war at home.


One Secret I'll Never Tell: Gossip Girl, 2007

Flip phones are out and so is the gossip. Living the glamorous life might seem like it’s easy to outsiders, but constant social pressures and expectations from parents have left many trust fund babies feeling uneasy. Will Manhattan’s elite youth forge their own path, or will they fill their parent’s shoes no matter the price? And who is Gossip Girl? That’s a secret you’ll just have to find out.

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JCC China: Reclaiming the Homeland, 2050

The treaty of Nanking was a day in which China wept. Tears were shed as we lost the ever so valuable Hong Kong to the British. Our people were trapped in a culture that was not their own and soon forget those from which they came from. We must nurture, guide, and ensure that we teach the citizens the Chinese way. To be blunt, we know what is best for our citizens and Chinese blood runs thick.