Flip phones are out and so is the gossip. Characters are unexpectedly strolling back into town after a long time away, and the reason remains unknown. Living the glamorous life might seem like it’s easy to outsiders, but constant social pressures and expectations from parents have left many trust fund babies feeling uneasy as they catch a glimpse of what it is their parents do.

Step into the life of a typical Manhattan high schooler who faces deciding where to go to college (nothing less than an Ivy League of course), friendships being destroyed and rumors spreading like wildlife. Just how will they manage to do it all?

Will Manhattan’s elite youth forge their own path, or will they fill their parent’s shoes no matter the price? And who is Gossip Girl? That’s a secret you’ll just have to find out.

XOXO, Chisme Queen  



Tatiana Arevalo is a junior majoring in International Relations and Psychology with a minor in Political Science. She has participated in FIMUN since her first year after joining the Model United Nations travel team, and has fallen in love with directing committees. At FIMUN 31, she directed the SOCHUM committee and looks forward to directing One Secret I'll Never Tell: Gossip Girl, 2007 this year. When she’s not busy preparing for FIUMUN, she’s traveling all across the United States competing on the collegiate circuit amongst some of her closest friends. Powered by coffee, you can find her in the library drowning in books, but always willing to lend a helping hand to those who need it.



Cameron McCree is a sophomore at FIU, majoring in Communication Arts on the Pre-Law track. Cameron joined the team during her freshman year. She previously had the pleasure of staffing for the NATO 2080 committee at FIMUN 31.