When you play the game of thrones, you either win, or you die.
— Cersei Lannister

The past decade in Westeros has seen the realm descend into civil war, the passing of two Kings, and more importantly for this committee, the coronation of a new King. King Joffrey of House Baratheon, first of his name, has inherited a realm in chaos. The excesses of his father, King Robert Baratheon, have resulted in the realm owing an enormous 6 million Golden Dragons in debt. Further to add to his majesty’s woes is a budding rebellion in the North and claims that he is an illegitimate King, rumored to not even be the late King Robert’s son.

Westeros appears to be on the brink of crisis, and it is up for this committee to guide the young King to unlock his potential. Each delegate will be assigned to a post on the Small Council, a body designed to help the King of Westeros administer the realm, as no one can do great things alone. As members of the Small Council, delegates will be charged with finding solutions to the many complex issues plaguing Westeros and stabilizing the reign of King Joffrey. They will have to work together as a unit to wrestle control of the Kingdoms’ finances, clarify any ‘fake news’ regarding Joffrey’s legitimacy, and prepare the realm for the unexpected. Delegates, be warned: King Joffrey is infamous for his short temper!



Nicholas Velazquez is a junior at Florida International University. He is pursuing a double major in International Relations and Political Science. Nicholas joined FIU’s Model UN team in the 2019 Fall Semester after wanting to join it going back to the end of his freshman year. Academic complications would prevent him from joining but after spending his sophomore year tackling his academics and applying himself he was able to join in his junior year. Nicholas’ dream job is to work as an FSO, as he is a passionate and committed traveler.



Gabriella Roldos is a junior majoring in International Relations with a certificate in Muslim World Studies. This is her first year working with FIU’s Model UN program. Gabriella competed at FIMUN through her high school career. Gabriella is doing all of this in hopes one day it will assist her in her goal to become Secretary of State for the United States of America; for now, she is focused on MUN and getting into law school.


cesar muir / chair

Cesar Muir is currently a senior at FIU who is majoring in Political Science and International Relations. Aside from his participation in Model UN, Cesar actively reviews federal congressional activities and discusses it thoroughly. Cesar also enjoys rewatching all the Star Wars movies.