The treaty of Nanking was a day in which China wept. Tears were shed as we lost the ever so valuable Hong Kong to the British. Our people were trapped in a culture that was not their own and soon forget those from which they came from. Treaty after treaty tore apart the hands that were ever so connected between China and our sweet Hong Kong. Hong Kong must be protected as if it was the child of our people in the mainland. We must nurture, guide, and ensure that we teach the citizens the Chinese way. To be blunt, we know what is best for our citizens and Chinese blood runs thick. Welcome home.


Ashley Weathers is a third year majoring in International Relations and Economics at the FIU Honors College. During Spring 2018, Ashley joined Model UN at FIU. Although she initially joined due to the enticement of traveling, Ashley fell in love with the inner workings of MUN and the ways in which MUN expanded her International Relations knowledge. Outside of FIU Model UN, she is pursuing a research project on economic development and is working at Applebees so she can afford to survive in Miami (but if you ask, she will tell you why Chili’s is definitely better).

Ashley also enjoys scrolling on Twitter, going to the beach, and eating sushi. Following university, Ashley looks to either attend graduate or law school and pursue projects on International Development and Law. Her dream is to become an international lawyer and move to the Northeast, even though she swears any weather below 60 is freezing. In the past two years Ashley has chaired two FIMUN committees, including the Qatar Gulf Crisis and the Vietcong. She looks forward to her first year as a Crisis Director of this committee, and cannot wait to see the research and strategy on both sides of the JCC.



German Garcia is a junior studying International Relations and Political Science with a focus in National Security Studies and a very special interest for Asia. This is his second year being part of FIU’s Model UN team and second time being director for a FIMUN committee. And fun fact: he’s lived in China for a short period and been to Hong Kong! As a delegate that specializes in crisis committees, along with Ashley, he will try his best to make this the best crisis committee you’ve been in. Be prepared to learn, adapt, and have in hand lots of creativity to address issues.  He can’t wait for this to start!    



Chirine Yamout is a junior majoring in international Relations and Chinese Studies. Although Chirine had zero experience whatsoever with MUN, or having ever heard of it prior to coming to the US a few years ago, for some [good] reason she got accepted into the #1 MUN team in North America, making it one of her biggest achievements. She's a languages fanatic that speaks 4 languages, including Arabic (traditional and Lebanese), French, English, un poco Spanish and is learning her fifth, Chinese. She also loves traveling and is a major bookworm. Chirine is aiming to become a diplomat with the US department of state or the UN, making MUN the perfect grounds for take off.