The year is 2020 and after a shaky ending to the 2019 season, Real Madrid seeks to become what it was just years before: the world's most prestigious club. However, after an early exit in last year’s Champions League, scandalous transfer rumors, and shady coaching decisions, this will not be an easy task. Real Madrid's executive department is fed up with the club’s recent decline which, in turn, has driven many of their best players to ask for a transfer and caused ticket sales to plunge.  

Seeing this downward trend in the club’s eliteness has caused panic among the city, and Real Madrid has summoned a committee to save the club from possible bankruptcy. While the club’s board wants the club to survive this hardship, many of their opinions are in contention with one another.

As members of the Real Madrid executive board, delegates will be challenged to solve the club’s problems, ranging from high profile transfer movements to media leaks. So the question remains: can this committee save “Los Merengues” or will they forever remain Barça’s little brother?


Mauricio Bello is a sophomore majoring in International Relations with a strong concentration on Political Science and Public Policy. He joined the FIU MUN team to not only meet a group of individuals who would share the same passions as him, but more importantly, to have a strong connection between his coursework and an outside organization that would allow him to further develop his skills. In addition to MUN, Mauricio currently works as a manager at a family entertainment center where he carries out administrative duties such as creating and implementing marketing campaigns and strategies and was at the CIA headquarters this past summer for a career exploration boot-camp. With his college days just starting, Mauricio is passionate to further his academic and professional career with any tasks laid upon him.


prachi laLwani / chair

Prachi Lalwani is a senior majoring in International Relations and pursuing a certificate in Human Rights. She is an international student from Venezuela where she participated in a MUN program at her high school. She joined FIMUN during her first year of college knowing little about it, due to a big difference in the two programs, and has loved her time there. She held the position of general secretary in MIMUN. The leadership courses she took in Venezuela helped her reach this position. Along with being part of FIMUN, Prachi is also enrolled in the FIU Honors College and joined the Red Cross. Prachi’s dream job is to be a human rights activist and to make a difference in the lives of young women around the world.