When you predicted an apocalypse, you needed sooner or later to produce one.
— Stacey Schiff, The Witches: Salem 1692

The year is 1692, and the Massachusetts colony is one of the most influential and prosperous of the Americas. However, in Salem, a variety of political, economic, and most notably, religious strife threatens its development. Villagers are regularly quarreling over property rights, livestock, and the threat of external actors on their town.

Seeing that these threats may reach a boiling point, the city council has convened to discuss next steps. Many of the townspeople's personal ambitions, however may be realized, and have the potential to tip the balance between sanity and chaos in Salem.

As members of the City Council, delegates will be challenged to mediate all forms of conflict as threats to destabilize increase. So, when hard times fall on the villagers, it is up to the committee to pull through and bring the town to new heights!



Daniel Sixto is a sophomore studying History and International Relations with a concentration on National Security Studies. Born and raised in Miami, Daniel has known this city all his life, but is and always has been open to any opportunity to travel abroad. His first experience with Model UN was in high school, where he traveled to a conference on a whim and was immediately hooked by Model UN's fast-paced debate and emphasis on education. Naturally, when he came to FIU, he fell in love with MUN once again. Ever since then, he’s had the pleasure of traveling across the collegiate circuit with the team. Aside from MUN, he has served as participated in the Alternative Breaks program, under which he traveled to New York and educated elementary school students on financial literacy principles. He is also heavily involved in conducting political and historical research on campus. In his free time, you can find him playing racquetball in the gym, fishing in the Florida Keys, or reading in obscure places across campus.


MAXIMO ULLOA / director

Maximo Ulloa, a man defined by his humility, is a junior scholar who seeks to receive Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, International Relations, and Latin American Studies alongside a Minor of Economics, and a certificate or two. He served as an Assistant Crisis Director in FIMUN 31’s NATO 2080 Committee and is looking forward to what delegates creatively decide to shape from the proverbial witch-hunts in committee... and actual witch hunts. Outside of Model UN, Max enjoys talking about politics, romanticizing Chile, laughing and making others laugh, spending quality time with family and friends, the theatre, and expanding my playlists. Max may sound like quite a character in this bio, but ultimately he’s only a man born and raised in Miami interested in what life has to offer and partaking in the experiences fostered in the phenomenal institution that is Model United Nations. Expect a bad pun or two from Max as he hopes committee will have a “wicked” time in Salem.