The United Nations Development Programme works to tackle some of the foremost development challenges in our international community. Their work involves tackling the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and establishing clear standards and goals on how to achieve the SDGs. Today, two of the plethora of challenges facing the UNDP include Food Waste in the Modern World (SDG 2: Zero Hunger) and Migration and Urban Development (SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities).

Around ⅓ of the food produced for human consumption is wasted or lost every year. As a result, the system is inefficient and ineffective, an especially dangerous predicament as 12% of the world’s population goes hungry. Affluent nations waste more food on average than poor nations. The UNDP must find a way to rally global resources to build effective tools for food distribution, analyze the root causes of poverty, utilize modern technologies and systems to examine why we waste so much food, and ensure that an individual’s access to quality food is not inhibited by their place on the map. 

As our population migrates from rural communities to urban areas, the logistical challenges in cities continue to mount. Cities must figure out how to be environmentally efficient, develop smart and affordable means of transportation, and resolve the housing crisis, while ensuring that the rural economy does not go the way of its population. Smart-Cities represent an endearing means of solving these challenges, although it is up to the UNDP to determine whether these are effective means of tackling one of our society’s greatest challenges.



Emma Dilly is a freshman majoring in international relations. She first was introduced to FIMUN when she attended it during high school 2 years ago and has been a supporter ever since. This is the reason she's even more excited to be part of it this year. Over the years she has grown an interest in International Politics as well as Development which has fueled her passion for Model United Nations. Outside of FIMUN she tries to stay fit by working out or playing sports as well as make friends around campus.



Michael Lopez is a junior majoring in Criminal Justice at FIU. He graduate Summa Cum Laude from Mater Academy Charter High School as well as with his AA from Miami Dade College in 2019. Striving to continue his journey in MUN, he joined FIU MUN this past Fall 2019. Having participated in conferences such as MAMUNC and FIMUN during high school, he was able to truly gain early experience as a delegate. He would at the same time furnish his skills in Robert's Rules Newly Revised Parliamentary Procedure by being part of the Future Business Leaders of America Phi Beta Lambda organization during high school. There he co-chaired in District 25 executive meetings, served as a parliamentarian in state level district meetings, as well as served as chair in his high school officer meetings and his own parliamentary procedure team; such team would go to win 1st place in the Miami Dade County, 2nd place in the State of Florida, and 7th place in the National FBLA Leadership conference last year alone in its parliamentary procedure competition. In the words of Albus Dumbledore: "Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light"; thus, be the light that sparks happiness all around you and your fellow delegates.