Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.
— John F. Kennedy, 1962

It's the year 2050 and the autonomy of Hong Kong is a thing of the past. After a 156 year occupation of Hong Kong as a British colony, in 1997 the Sino-British Joint Declaration created the bounds for an autonomous capitalist Hong Kong within Chinese sovereignty. China promised a 50 year grant of autonomy for the region of Hong Kong under the "One Country, Two Systems" guidelines. By 2047 this agreement ran dry and the western inspired Hong Kong returned to full Chinese communist control.

After daily violence and oppression against Hong Kong citizens, we can stand for this no longer. People are rioting, dying, and screaming from the rooftops for a revolution. China is more powerful than any country in the world and there is no state that can take on the power of the great homeland.

We in the One Country Rebel Assembly believe in one thing, freedom for Hong Kong. Autonomy is no exception, we will not stop until we rise up from the ashes of Chinese control as an entirely sovereign Hong Kong. As a collection of men and women from all walks of life, this eclectic group is an unlikely victor against the most successful country in the world. A lot has happened in the past years and I only have one question for my brothers and sisters within the OCRA: Are you ready?


Ashley Weathers is a third year majoring in International Relations and Economics at the FIU Honors College. During Spring 2018, Ashley joined Model UN at FIU. Although she initially joined due to the enticement of traveling, Ashley fell in love with the inner workings of MUN and the ways in which MUN expanded her International Relations knowledge. Outside of FIU Model UN, she is pursuing a research project on economic development and is working at Applebees so she can afford to survive in Miami (but if you ask, she will tell you why Chili’s is definitely better).

Ashley also enjoys scrolling on Twitter, going to the beach, and eating sushi. Following university, Ashley looks to either attend graduate or law school and pursue projects on International Development and Law. Her dream is to become an international lawyer and move to the Northeast, even though she swears any weather below 60 is freezing. In the past two years Ashley has chaired two FIMUN committees, including the Qatar Gulf Crisis and the Vietcong. She looks forward to her first year as a Crisis Director of this committee, and cannot wait to see the research and strategy on both sides of the JCC.