pierina anton // secretary-general


Pierina Anton is a junior at FIU studying International Relations on a human rights and public policy certificate track. She previously served as a Head Delegate for FIU’s traveling Model United Nations team for the 2018-2019 school year, where she had the pleasure of traveling around the United States to compete in conferences with the highest ranking team in the nation. Her experience with FIMUN began her freshman year, where she served as a chair for the UNHCR committee at FIMUN 30. She fell in love with sharing her passion for Model UN with high schoolers and knew she had to stay involved, choosing to serve as Director of Logistics the following year at FIMUN 31. Originally from Venezuela and raised in a small town outside of Orlando, Florida, she enjoys being overly excited every time she sees a dog, advocating for the right to quality education both in the domestic and international sphere (ask her about Cambodia), and of course, long walks on the beach. She can’t wait to hear about the substantive debate that the delegates bring to FIU for the weekend and is looking forward to making FIMUN 32 the best one yet!

alex anacki // director-general


Alex Anacki is a junior at FIU studying Political Science and International Relations with a certificate in Public Policy. Alex is in his sixth year of involvement with Model United Nations, with four years at the high school level and two at the collegiate level. He previously served as Chair of The Constitutional Tribunal: Thailand, 2007 at FIMUN 31. Alex knew FIU would be his university home the moment he stepped on campus for the first time at FIMUN 30, and has loved this team ever since. From Sarasota, Florida by way of western Massachusetts, he is very interested in cute coffee shops (iced chai latte with oat milk), Facebook meme groups (especially those featuring moderately unattractive animals) and plotting to save the world (how exactly remains TBD). Outside of the team, he is committed to electing quality candidates up and down the ballot and previously interned over the summer in the United States House of Representatives and worked on a competitive House race. He is extraordinarily excited to welcome you to Miami and to FIU's beautiful Modesto A. Maidique campus this March!




Katerina Geisler is a junior at FIU, double majoring in International Relations and Political Science with certificates in Public Policy and Global Cyber Security. Growing up mainly in Colorado, she has a niche for Cyber Policies, participating in DC Cyber Legislative competitions such as DiploHack and Cyber 9/12. It is for this reason that she mainly spends her time in ECOFINs and technical committees for Model UN, chairing the SOCHUM committee at FIMUN 30 and directing The Constitutional Tribunal: Thailand, 2007 at FIMUN 31. When not MUNing out or trying to fix Latin American cybersecurity, Katerina loves volunteer work through grassroots organizations, enabling her to spend part of her last summer in Guyana working with International Children’s Outreach (ICO). She is excited for this next (and best) edition of FIMUN 32!



Gabriel Lewin is a senior at FIU majoring in International Relations and Political Science with a certificate in National Security. Gabriel is in his fifth year of experience in Model UN, with two in high school and three in the collegiate capacity. He previously served as Director; first in Star Wars the Clone Wars at FIMUN 30, and then the Spanish Privy Council in FIMUN 31. Knowing about Model UN before coming to college, his first question was about the team rather than the typical ‘where's the Starbucks’ type of questions. From the the northernmost region of South Florida he is fascinated with food festivals, horseback riding, and planning to resolve the Israeli-Arab conflict (If possible). He is ecstatic to see everyone and opens you all to the hospitality of Miami and FIU!



Santiago Arias is a junior majoring in Political Science and Philosophy. This is his fifth year of FIMUN. He started off a delegate in the DISEC committee and has since chaired and acted as the Under-Secretary-General for Public Relations for FIMUN 31. Outside of FIMUN, Santi is currently serving in the FIU Senate as the Senator for the School of International and Public Affairs and is also serving in the leadership of the FIU Model UN team as one of the head delegates. He is also the proud father of the team mascot: Mickey the Corgi. He is studying to become a teacher in philosophy and comparative politics and is incredibly passionate about education, politics, and memes. (Feel free to say hi!)




Mia Cleary is a sophomore double majoring in International Relations and Political Science with a focus in human rights and development. She came to FIU in search of a diverse school and a competitive Model United Nations team, and ended up finding a group of hard-working, ambitious college students whom she now considers family. She joined MUN her sophomore year of high school — making this her fifth year of MUN — and hopes to continue traveling competitively with her collegiate team. She previously chaired Divided We Fall: Sokovia Accords/Marvel at FIMUN 31. Outside of debating human rights issues in simulations, you can find her pestering the team for photos as the Director of Marketing, going on adventures with her friends, or dancing to Spanish music she doesn't understand the meaning of. She moved to Miami from Jacksonville for college and can’t wait to invite everyone to her amazing MMC campus, known as its “own world” in Miami!



Alexander Rubido is a sophomore at FIU in the School of International and Public Affairs. He previously served as Crisis Director of the NATO 2080 committee at FIMUN 31. Some of his interest include re-watching Game of Thrones, and maintaining a saltwater aquarium. He looks forward to ensuring a smooth conference experience for both delegates and advisors.



Brandon Lee is a junior at FIU studying International Relations with certificates in National Security Studies as well as European and Eurasian Studies. Hailing from the West Coast of Florida, Brandon came to FIU in the fall of 2018, where he joined the Model United Nations team. He previously staffed in FIMUN 31 in the 1919 Irish War for Independence committee. During his staffing experience, Brandon found a joy for FIMUN, and his understanding and love for Model UN grew. Outside of his studies and Model UN, Brandon loves following a multitude of sports and traveling (when he gets the chance). He has found a home with FIU and can’t wait to welcome you to it for FIMUN 32 for a great weekend of MUN!



victoria real.JPG

Victoria Gonzalez is a senior at FIU majoring in Public Administration with a Certificate in Digital Communication and Media. Victoria has made the Dean’s List every semester. She is not only academically talented, but she is artistically talented as well. In acknowledgment of her artistic and creative skills, she was recently elected to be the Under-Secretary-General for Public Relations for FIMUN 32. She was previously the Chair of the European Escalation: EU Council 2019 for FIMUN 31. Victoria is looking forward to an exciting year promoting all things MUN!


evelyn good.JPG

Evelyn Poyato is a senior at FIU majoring in Political Science, minoring in Business Communications, and studying for a certificate in Pre-Law. She joined Model UN in the spring semester of 2019 and she’s loved it ever since. She is inspired by her team to improve her public speaking skills and showcase the best of her delegate abilities. She, along with Leslie Gonzalez, are ecstatic to be Under-Secretary-Generals for Outreach for FIMUN 32. Evelyn loves to do outdoor activities with her friends and family, she loves painting, and helping out her peers and community. She is currently on track to studying and applying to law school after graduating with her Bachelor's degree.


leslie real.JPG

Leslie Gonzalez is a senior at FIU majoring in Public Administration with a Certificate in National Security Studies. She transferred from Miami Dade College with her Associate of Arts degree and joined the Model UN team in the spring semester of last year. Although Leslie never had the opportunity to do Model UN in high school, she loves public speaking and debate and firmly believes that joining the Model UN team at FIU is one of the best collegiate decisions she has made. Leslie previously served as the chair of the DISEC committee at FIMUN 31 and is eager to be serving as the Under-Secretary-General for Outreach for FIMUN 32 and to continue traveling and competing. Born and raised in Miami, Leslie is an avid bookworm and traveler and is currently planning to attend law school and study international law after graduating.